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"Provision of a lightweight solution for identification and geolocation of post-fire hot spots for the SDIS 40."

"Provision of a drone for mapping and training of the General Directorate of Great Works of the Republic of Congo in Brazzaville (17 people)."

"Support and operations for the realization of a modeling mission of an archaeological site in Afghanistan."

"Realization of an experiment of aerial spreading of tricograms with a drone of 25 kg."

"Realization of 35 weeks of training in France and abroad on long-range systems (China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Albania, ...)"

"Support for the realization of a geomagnetic survey mission on a gold mine in West Africa."

"Realization of spectral readings on vineyards for analysis and help with the exploitation strategy."

"The company has to carry out on a campaign of agricultural surveys, 30 flights in 10 days under the scenario S4. Representing about 17 hours of flight. "

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